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Posted November 3, 2022

What to Ask During Your Apartment Tour

Apartment hunting can be equally exciting as it is intimidating. Here at Forest Hill Kipling, we strive to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. We want to make sure you’re getting the apartment that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. This process starts with asking the right questions to get the most out of every tour. It will also give your leasing agent a good idea of what you are looking for.

We sat down with our leasing team and put together a list of questions you should ask during your apartment tours. 

  1. What are the terms of the lease?

Terms of the lease include rent rate, deposits, duration of lease and conditions. New leases are typically signed for one year and then go month to month. Speak to your leasing agent to find out these lease specific details.

  1. What year was the building built?

This is important to know not just for the new and modern features that come with newer buildings but because this determines whether the building is under rent control. Here in Ontario, any building built before 2018 is under rent control. This will help you know if your landlord can raise your rent each year and by how much.

  1. Can you sublet?

If there is ever a reason you cannot stay for your entire lease, subletting is a great option. However, not all leases allow subletting. You may not be planning to sublet but it is always good to know.

  1. What amenities are included?

Some buildings come with amenities that you can take advantage of. This can include pools, theatre rooms, gyms and/or study rooms. This is good to know because it can weigh in your decision for picking one apartment over another.

  1. Are utilities included?

Some properties include utilities and others don’t. The cost of utilities can vary depending on the size of the unit and what utility services are offered (hydro, water, gas, etc.). Ask your leasing agent how much utilities typically cost if they are not included.

  1. Is there a security deposit or any other type of deposit?

Some rentals will ask for a security deposit, last month's rent and/or a key deposit. This is important to know because you will need to have this money upfront. It’s also good to know if they are non-refundable. For example, most security and key deposits are refundable if you return the keys and keep the unit in good condition.

  1. How can I pay rent?

There are different ways to pay rent and this is important to know before signing your lease. Some require pre-authorized payments or void cheques while others you can pay with your credit card or through e-transfer.  

  1. Are there laundry facilities?

Every building is different. Some apartments have ensuite laundry within the unit and others may have a shared laundry room or none at all

Goodluck and happy apartment hunting! 

Check out our available units here! Our leasing agents can provide you with answers to all of these questions and more!